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Areas of activity

Studio Holzmiller & Partners, founded by Joseph Holzmiller in 1968, offers taxation/business and legal services.


Taxation Area

Studio Holzmiller & Partners’ taxation area uses internal partners with many years of professional experience.
This, together with our effective organisation and our ability to work as a team, allows us to provide qualified consultancy to assist with regular accounting and taxation obligations, as well as with extraordinary transactions.

We provide “standard” consultancy as a result of keeping ourselves constantly up-to-date with national and international accounting standards and with the most current tax regulations: this dynamic approach allows us to obtain the best results for our clients, regarding both civil and taxation aspects. In relation to “extraordinary consultancy”, the practice is able to provide high standards of consultancy for Mergers & Acquisitions, inter-company dealings and group restructuring, business succession and other topics. We have particular experience in international tax consultancy and tax agency investigations.

The practice partners follow the most recent market trends, thus being able to meet the needs of clients in special and innovative aspects of taxation. For example: Industry 4.0, Innovative Start-ups and SMEs, Patent Box, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. This capacity is further emphasised by our permanent partnership with the solicitors in our legal area, who work extensively in the field of company law.

As well as providing tax consultancy services to commercial and industrial companies, our Firm also has an area specifically dedicated to non-profit entities.

Legal Area

Studio Holzmiller & Partners’ legal area is made up of expert and qualified professionals who provide assistance with civil matters.

The Firm focuses on civil law and, in particular, with regard on commercial and company law, providing complete assistance in the management of debt recovery, preparing contracts, extraordinary transactions and bankruptcy proceedings. Either out-of-court setting and in court setting, also supporting our clients before higher grades of court.

In order to ensure an high level of legal specialist, two departments dedicated to debt recovery and civil liability law were created.

Thanks to the experience we have acquired over many years, our constantly updated skills and the partnership with members of our Taxation Area, we can guarantee our clients complete and high-quality assistance in the sectors in which they operate.

Courthouse of Milan

We work in the fields of:

  • Tax and corporate compliance
  • Extraordinary transactions (mergers, spin-offs, transformations, assignments, etc.)
  • National and international tax planning
  • Preparation of financial statements, liquidation statements, other types of statement
  • Due diligence
  • Accounts audit
  • Contract preparation
  • Debt collection
  • Intellectual property
  • National and international arbitration
  • Stock market and private equity quotation
  • Tax litigation before tax offices and taxation courts
  • Legal and out-of-court disputes
  • Technical consultancy in legal proceedings
  • Medical liability
  • Related rights
Studio Holzmiller & Partners