Il Netowork Nazionale e Internazionale dello studio Holzmiller

International Network

The knowledge of international tax and corporate regulations is supported by a widespread network of professional contacts.

A carefully selected network, both intra and extra-EU, linked to our membership in a primary international network.

The services most frequently provided to our clients concern consultancy to multinational groups that operate or intend to operate in Italy, as well as to companies or national groups with an international business perspective.

All of the firm’s professionals are fluent in English, while a number of them are also fluent in Japanese and Spanish.

The aim is to provide integrated international tax compliance solutions in accordance with the legal and tax requirements of Italy and foreign countries.

Also through our professional network, the firm is able to provide consultancy on issues concerning transfer pricing, permanent establishments, representative offices, cross-border tax planning and is available to assist companies in the correct application of VAT legislation in intra and extra-EU transactions.

National Network

Synergia Consulting Group is an alliance of various practices located in large Italian cities which can call on more than 200 highly-qualified professionals.

Formed at the start of 2001 as an initiative of the Boidi and Palea Firm in Turin and De Vecchi – Holzmiller Firm in Milan, Synergia Consulting Group offers integrated taxation consultancy, corporate consultancy, and business and administration consultancy services throughout Italy.

In addition to taxation consultancy and compliance services, Synergia Consulting Group offers business consultancy services, on financial reporting and accounting matters, corporate finance services (M&A, spin offs, company and group reorganisations, setup of property investment funds, etc.) and in relation to bankruptcy proceedings, as well as carrying out statutory and legal tasks.

Each individual practice represents a consolidated business and a reference point in its regional area of activity. The innovative alliance has allowed us to unite our professional resources, developing common services that are able to meet the most complex requirements, with skills extending throughout the various disciplines of business, accounting and tax consultancy.

Finally, the alliance guarantees the traditional personalisation of services and the continuity of the client-consultant relationship.

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